Eneko Iriarte Aviles eiriarte@ubu.es
Eneko Iriarte Aviles

PhD in Geology  (University of the Basque Country, 2004) and Assistant Professor (Contratado Doctor) in Burgos University (Human Evolution Master). I also participate in many national Masters in Quaternary Geology and Prehistory (University of Cantabria, University of the Basque Country, etc.).

I have previously taught at the Cantabria University and worked as researcher in the Basque Country University and CSIC (Spanish Research Council).

My research concerns the Quaternary Geology with a focus on sedimentary record (lake cores, speleothems, archaeological sites, etc.) to investigate and understand past, present and future Earth conditions. The sedimentary record is a representation of Earth surface processes through time and, as such, can be analyzed to reconstruct the intrinsic dynamics of depositional systems and ancient environments and their environmental controls.

Last years I am involved in european (ERC) and national research projects dealing with the onset of the agriculture and  Neolithization in the west mediterranean area and in Levant (Siria, Lebanon and Jordan). My task in that projects is to detect and characterize the late-Plesitocene and Holocene palaeoenvironmental evolution, looking for both, natural changes and possible human impacts in the environment.

Detailed information on my last publications could be found here: