Inmaculada Gomez Bastida
Inmaculada Gomez Bastida

Current position

University of Burgos 

Department: Biotecnología y Ciencia de los Alimentos 

Address and Country: Pza. Misael Bañuelos s/n. 09001 Burgos. España 


Key words: Food technology, sensory analysis, meat products, bioactive compounds, food quality



2007. Middle degree in Technical Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Agricultural and Food Industries. University of La Rioja.

2009. Higher degree in Agronomic Engineering. Public University of Navarre.

2011. University Master in Technology and Quality at Agro-Food Industries. Public University of Navarre.

2014. PhD in Science. Public University of Navarre.


CV Summary

Since 2009 I have been part of the research group Animal Production and Meat Quality and Technology of the Public University of Navarre, and in 2015 I joined the group Food Technology of the University of Burgos. Both groups stand out for their interdisciplinary nature.

I have worked in technological aspects related to the quality of meat before and after slaughter, as well as in the development of new meat products with healthy properties for the consumer. Nowadays, I am focused on the application of bioactive compounds in foodstuffs and its effects in order to lead to more healthy and attractive foods for consumers. For these research lines, I have studied gaseous chromatography, sensory analysis, physicochemical parameters and MIR. The above has allowed me to fine-tune analysis equipment and work with different protocols, in addition to collaborating with research groups from the UPNA, CITA, IRTA, University of Zaragoza, University of Burgos, TEAGASC, CTICH and University of Oxford. Likewise, I have also published several articles in scientific and divulgation journals and I have presented communications to national and international congresses.

Regarding the teaching work, during the years of predoctoral fellowship I started my teaching experience at the degrees “Agricultural, Food and Rural Environment Engineering” and “Innovation on Food Processes & Products” of the Public University of Navarre (Navarre). During the 2014/2015, I was professor at the degree of “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” in the University Basque Culinary Center (Basque Country). From September 2015, I am teaching in the degrees of “Agricultural, Food and Rural Environment Engineering” and “Food Science and Technology”, as well as the master in “Food Safety and Biotechnology” at the University of Burgos (Burgos). Likewise, I am also part of the teaching research group ALIMENT with whom I have published several articles and I have presented communications to national and international congresses.

Finally, I am currently part of the staff of the University of Burgos as professor and I participate in both research and teaching activities.